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How to multiply square roots

To multiply two square roots, multiply first the number outside the radicals, then the numbers on the inside and simplify the results. Let's break this down into easier steps

Step 1: Simplify the numbers inside the radical.

example: multiply square root of 8 times square root of 5

 can be simplified to   and again to

Step 2: Multiply the numbers


 Becomes  and that is your answer!


Step 1: simplify either of the square roots

 can be broken down  :  =  =

Step 2: multiply the numbers outside of the radical and then the numbers inside the radical

-12 times 6 will be 72

-2 times 3 comes out to 6

-The result will be  

Step 3: Simplify the answer

Keep simplifying the numbers in and out of the readical until they are prime factors.

Multiplying square roots is just like multiplying normal numbers. What do you think?